About us…….

A few of us, who were committed to the Catholic Charismatic Renewal many years ago, came together for prayer, praise and worship on a Friday evening, in the year 2000 during the month of May. We were subsequently, led by the Holy Spirit, to expand this praise and worship to a fellowship with our families. It was in September during the same year that Rev. Fr. Augustine Vallooran of the Divine Retreat Centre, Chalakkudy, India, visited Sri Lanka for the first time. Some of us who were in the organizing committee of this mission, shared our vision with him and after prayer, he gave us the direction, to continue the small family fellowship group regularly. The Holy Spirit who was in total control, started His work, by selecting many more families to join us. The numbers increased gradually and we were led by the Lord, to start the Divine Voice Ministry in Sri Lanka in order to spread the Word of God by distributing the Divine Voice Magazine, the official monthly publication of the Divine Retreat Centre and other Catholic literature, video and audio tapes in addition to organizing pilgrimages, retreats, prayer meetings etc.

As it was in the time of Jesus, the persecution and rejection came to us and we went in prayer on our knees before the Lord and received the direction for the Divine Voice Ministry - “Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven” (Mathew 5:12). How ever, for further discernment on this, we requested the prayers of Mount Calvary & Gethsemane Prayer Groups at the Divine Retreat Center and we received confirmation for the Divine Voice Ministry to become a community, thus commenced the DIVINE VOICE COMMUNITY

and the  Lord opened the doors for us to have our first community prayer meeting in May 2001, with about 25 brothers and sisters in attendance. Since then we have met monthly on every Poya Day. We believe that we are open to God, and He gives the Holy Spirit to us without measure. When it happened we knew about it.

In order to confirm this, the Lord sent to our community in July2001, an anointed Catholic Charismatic couple – Mike & Savi from South Carolina, in the United Stats, to join us in prayer, praise, worship and a new experience of the REVIVAL for our journey in the Renewal. Together with them, we had two awesome days of love, peace and joy with the Holy Spirit.

The Lord is pouring out the Holy Spirit afresh. This is a time of “new wine” being poured out. And the Lord showed us, that a danger at the time was, we try to fill new wine in to the old wineskins. We needed new wineskins and they needed to be flexible, empty and open to receive. Hence our prayer meeting structure changed so that it became like a new wineskin to hold new wine.

God has blessed us with many gifts and removed the obstacles that were blocking His work to build the Kingdom and thus bring many more wounded souls to Him. We believe that God has specially selected us as a Counseling, Healing and Deliverance Ministry and we have many testimonies of people who confirm this. All our prayer meetings are so powerful that God anoints us with His Holy Spirit in a mighty way that everyone who attends, experience a healing either physically or spiritually and never goes back in emptiness. The Power of God in our meetings cannot be explained unless you come and see as Jesus invited His disciples. The healing are so powerful that even through telephone and e-mail people are being touched and delivered and we have seen this with people from India, Singapore, Hong Kong, U.K and the States. Nothing is impossible for Jesus, Praise the Lord.

We also believe that the Lord is pouring out His blessings upon us, since we are like little children listening to the voice of the Heavenly Farther, rather than being stagnated with what we see and understand in the renewal during the past.

Many of us are anointed powerfully with the gifts and the fruits of the Holy Sprit and are being used by the Lord in the Intercessory Prayer, Healing, Counseling, Preaching and Evangelizing ministries.

Hence do not loose the opportunity that has been given to you by the Heavenly Farther – “UNLESS MY FATHER CALLS, YOU CANNOT COME TO ME” said Jesus. Come and see …………...

When God revealed Himself to Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph and Moses, He talked to them and told them WHO HE IS. God did not stop there, He revealed to them HIS PLAN AND PURPOSE and showed them His direction for their lives and blessed them as they entered into that plan.

Today, God continues to reveal Himself more and more to us. He is not only the source of our blessings, HE is our Father who wants to have a personal relationship with us and whose plan is to prosper us and not to harm us. He wants to direct our path so that we can continue to walk in his blessings.